"The marks of a masterful bodyworker include remarkable intuition, respect, and the understanding of physical alchemy. Audrey is gifted with all three - she responds to the delicate nuances of the body with a skill that can only come from an intimate commitment to human energetics & anatomy. Entering Audrey's space of surrender and release is a tremendous gift that leaves you feeling heard, held, and deeply loved."

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My fascination with the body keeps me deeply investigating its somatic intelligence, primarily through mindful movement practices, bodywork and herbal medicine, but also through my love of nature and outdoor adventure. My compassion for human suffering is largely what inspires me to stay so deeply committed to offering transformational healing work. "The issues are in the tissues," after all! 

Karuna is a Buddhist term that means compassion, or to suffer with. We all know what it is to suffer in our human bodies due to chronic aches and pains or acute injuries. The healing work I offer can be deeply transformational on many levels, but the work itself is grounded in the simple practice of freeing restrictions within the body so that we may suffer less. By creating spaciousness and ease in the body, spaciousness and ease in the heart, mind and spirit swiftly follow.

With the help of a self-designed BA in Holistic Health and Personal Development, and through my own self-healing journey, I have explored diverse modalities and perspectives in mind-body medicine. All the various elements of my education continue to evolve and expand and, ultimately, work together to allow me to tailor unique healing sessions to suit the needs of each client.

trainings & certifications

  • BA Holistic Health & Personal Development, Prescott College 

    • 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher

  • 500-hr Massage Therapy Program: Lotus Institute, Glenwood Springs, CO

  • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, Level 1 & 2

  • Certified Fertility Awareness and Sexual/Reproductive Health Educator, Grace of the Moon, Ashland, OR

  • Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, in process

  • The Naga Center: School of Traditional Thai Medicine & Massage, Portland, OR & Bath, ME

    • 50-hr Thai Medical Theory

    • 30-hr Thai Essentials

    • 30-hr Thai Compression and Stretch

    • 14-hr Advanced Thai Therapeutic Techniques

  • 30-hr Traditional Royal Thai Massage, Arizona Institute of Thai and Oriental Massage, Scottsdale, AZ

  • 24-hr Thai Yoga Massage Fundamentals, DeonThai School of Thai Yoga Massage, Ojai, CA

  • Reiki Level I, II

  • 5-month Ayurvedic Herbalism Apprenticeship 

  • 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Sit, London, UK

  • Dance training includes collage level classes, workshops and intensive trainings in contact improvisation, authentic movement, dance improvisation and butoh