traditional healing


Thai Massage

60 mins // spot specific, focused therapy

90 mins // therapeutic treatment to address specific regions of the body

120 mins // comprehensive full body treatment with focused work

A dynamic form of bodywork that utilizes deep compressions, stretching, range of motion, and deep tissue work to break up chronic restrictions, thus allowing the body's natural healing process to take place.

*Thai bodywork is performed fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat. Please come prepared with loose fitting clothing.


Maya Abdominal Therapy

Initial Consult (120 min)

Follow Up (75-90 min)

Ancient massage techniques address the physical health and position of pelvic and abdominal organs using soft and gentle manipulations to reposition misaligned organs, thereby stimulating circulation of blood, nerve, lymph and chi to support the body’s innate capacity to self heal from a variety of ailments.


women’s wellness


Fertility Awareness Education

four private sessions

Learn to chart your primary fertility signs for natural birth control, increased body connection, hormonal health awareness and conscious conception.


Holistic Womb Wellness

90-120 mins, single session (includes custom herbal formula)

coaching packages available

Are you ready to dive in deep and heal your menstrual, sexual or reproductive health challenges on a holistic level? With the help of a comprehensive health history evaluation, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, an herbal formula (tincture, tea, or v-steam), mindful movement & meditation, we will work together to restore wellness to your womb.


Prenatal Massage

60 mins

90 mins

Relieve pain and discomfort, increase circulation, and promote relaxation throughout your pregnancy.